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Travel with us through the colours, scents and flavours of a land rich in history and culture.

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About us

Southlazio grows out from our desire to let people know the beauty of a land, the South of Lazio region, which is outside the touristic main streams, where you can find relax, peace and quiet and where culture and tradition are still lively and present.

SouthLazio refers to an area which stretches south Rome and includes the province of Frosinone and Latina. Historically the zone is very rich: we can see buildings dating back to Roman time; a very strong influence of Catholicism as the various churches and cathedrals testify, till to Medieval heritage and the spreading out of rural homes and castles around the area.

A territory rich also from the environmental point of view, in fact the area stretches out from the mountains of the Central Apennine to the clear and transparent water of the Tyrrhenian Sea on the coast, in a varied area made of hills and small valleys.

Our mission is based upon a different approach to the tourist not only as an user of a service but as an integral part of it, maker of an exciting and unforgettable experience. Our customers will be able to organize their own holiday in collaboration with our staff depending on their needs and requirements and they will be sure to find active listeners in our collaborators.

Our strength is a high level of flexibility and personal attention in the organization of the trip!

Southlazio plans theme tours, guided visits, various tastings of local cuisine and wine and customized trips.

Various kinds of accommodation are available depending on the different needs, from holiday homes to luxury hotels. Furthermore we are specialized in planning package tour for small groups (6/8 people), during which we assure assistance 24 hours a day with our skilled staff.

For further information, contact us.
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