Orchids and flowers

The Aurunci Mountains’ orchids and flowers

The Aurunci Mountains is a mountain range of southern Lazio,  between the province of Frosinone and Latina. They are part of the Antiappennini, a group running from the Apennines chain to the Tyrrhenian Sea, where they form the promontory of Gaeta. They include also a Regional Park, the Parco Naturale dei Monti Aurunci, created in 1997.

Its proximity to the Tyrrenian sea fosters a great variety of environments, each characterized by a different kind of vegetation. Therefore between them there is a particular microclimate able to create the perfect conditions for the development of different types of flowers on the highest peaks. In fact the effect that we can see in Spring, walking in the park, it’s breathtaking and striking. You can admire the pink shades of valerian’s flowers, the scents of sage, of helichrysum, but the most beautiful sight is the flowering of more than 50 species of orchids, of which some are very rare and some native. We could  mention the Heart Flowered Serapiasthe   Lady Orchid, the Orchis Italica also known as the 'naked man orchid', the Man Orchid known for its strange shapes and the Ophrys Bombyliflora. Their flowering happens between the end of April and May and they can be found on the highest peaks like the Mount Forte, the Mount Ruazzo, the Mount Fammera.

The hiker remains fascinated admiring the peaks and the meadows full of colours and scents. Furthermore from the highest peaks you can appreciate all the beauty of the Gulf of Gaeta, the pontine islands and in very clear days it’s possible to see Capri and Ischia, islands situated in front of the gulf. Looking round you can see also the peaks of the Mainarde (Central Apennines) and the top of the extinct volcano of Roccamonfina in the regional park Roccamonfina-Garigliano.

Southlazio, first tour operator of this area, organizes excursions with highly qualified staff in the towns of the park and on the mountains with the opportunity to choose the options  that best suits your needs.



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